Senior Backend Developer (Kotlin, m/w/d)


Build and architect our backend services in a mixed monolithic/microservices environment.

We are building the industry-leading blockchain Wallet Wombat that enables gamers to take part in the crypto space. Become a part of our team as a backend developer building APIs and blockchain related sevices!


  • You will write our backend services in Kotlin using the Spring Boot framework. We leverage the reactive stack from Spring Webflux using the Kotlin coroutine adapter. There are also microservices in Type/JavaScript and Node.js to be extended.
  • You will join a team that discusses architectures for new requirements regularly, designing solutions using AWS infrastructure
  • You will be working on our cross-product backend implementing simple CRUD operations up to automated blockchain transaction executions
  • (Optionally) managing infrastructure on AWS via Terraform and/or CDK
  • Home office is possible

You'll NEED

  • Experience in developing monolithic backend applications while also extracting smaller services
  • Experience with Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Webflux, jOOQ, Postgresql
  • Optimally also experience with Node.js, Typescript, AWS
  • Dedication to write maintainable, documented and testable code
  • Creative mind for solutions to new requirements

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