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Blockchain and Gaming reimaginedBringing real value to virtual worlds

About Spielworks

Spielworks fulfills the promise of blockchain to empower gaming. With users' experience at the core, we make entering crypto easy, fun and secure for thousands of players across the globe.

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Live Products

CHAINWISE Group supports business ideas that will generate significant customer value in fast-growing, disruptive markets. Our experience and proficiencies set the focus on technology related sectors. No matter the stage of development nor the setup of a company, we makes sure that our expertise suits a founder’s need and a partnership perfectly fits for both sides.

We offer a maximum of professionalism and integrity when it comes to our projects. Firstly, we will understand and support the design of your business model to find the best token model for you and your business. Secondly, we model the token, its mechanics and the economics to find the best balance between simplicity and value. Finally, we help you bring your token to life with our technical, marketing and other added services.

Dive into the world of blockchain games & NFTs in seconds. For free.

  • Dozens of world-famous blockchain games and hidden gems
  • Native NFT support and access to the best NFT platforms
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Play mobile games
and earn NFTs

    The first rewards platform for mobile gamers with direct NFT rewards and payouts in crypto
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    Stake NFTs and get rewards!

      An NFT staking RPG where YOU control the adventure. Now in open beta!
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      Spielworks rests on the exceptional engineering, entrepreneural and scaling experience of our team — combined with passion for gaming.

      Adrian Krion


      Adrian has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science am is successfully bridging business and tech for more than 15 years. He brings his technical and economic skills from building markets and market models e.g. at Deutsche Börse AG into the blockchain world. He has been involved in the crypto markets for over seven years and working on professional blockchain projects since.


      Swen E. Hallasch


      Swen is a serial Entrepreneur with a 25-year background in finance and operations. He sold his last market leading business to Accenture, today called AccentureCloud Services.


      Alexander Heckel


      Alex has a background in finance and operations with passion for tech that scales and solves real-world problems.


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