Open Positions at spielworks

Who we are

At Spielworks, we bet big on blockchains and their potential to change the world. However, the mass adoption of this transformative technology is hindered by high entry barriers and the lack of compelling use cases. We are convinced that gaming is the gateway blockchains need to spread far and wide, enhancing game economies and truly empowering players.

To accelerate blockchain adoption, we built Wombat — a blockchain gaming distribution platform.
Thanks to the outstanding UX and automatic resource management, Wombat is a leading wallet worldwide with users in more than 160 countries and enables users worldwide to find and enjoy the greatest blockchain games without worrying about the technicalities.

Along with supporting ever-growing number of games, we are committed to creating our own unique gaming experiences. Our flagship fighting IP Chain Clash is the first of the many blockchain games to come that will set new standards and bring the much needed diversity into the niche.

Want to join our team on this challenging and rewarding journey? Check the open positions below.

If you cannot find a position that matches your skill set, but you are still convinced you would be a great fit - drop us a message to