Wombat Guild Code of Conduct & Ownership Disclosure

Community Engagement and Collaboration
At Wombat Guild, we believe in building a vibrant and collaborative community within the WAX blockchain ecosystem. We actively engage with token holders across various communication platforms, valuing each member's input and working together to find common ground.
Guided by Governance
Our commitment lies in upholding the principles and governance established by the WAX chain's constitution. We stand firm in our refusal to entertain requests that go against the essence of the constitution, and we're dedicated to ensuring its accessibility to all community members.
Respect for Fair Resolutions
Wombat Guild acknowledges and respects the authority of appointed arbitrators. We pledge to honor and execute arbitration decisions in a diligent manner, contributing to the maintenance of a trustworthy and reliable network.
Ethical Foundation
Our actions are rooted in integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct.
Empowering Network Stability
The bedrock of our efforts revolves around fostering a stable and scalable network infrastructure for the WAX blockchain. Wombat Guild is committed to dedicating resources to uphold network integrity and contribute to its continued growth.
Embracing Collective Growth
Our role extends beyond production. Wombat Guild actively participates in open dialogues that address technical and governance matters. We view our involvement as a leadership opportunity that encourages collaboration and innovation.
Fostering Open Ecosystems for Web 3 Gaming
We are deeply committed to open ecosystems in Web 3 gaming. We champion interconnected and accessible ecosystems, enabling seamless interactions. Our dedication extends to facilitating cross-chain connections, inviting diverse contributions across blockchains. This empowers partners, creators, and users to explore, build, and elevate possibilities, fostering collective growth in an era where collaboration and interoperability define the landscape of Web 3 gaming.
Anti-Collusion Commitment
Transparency is our policy. Wombat Guild diligently avoids collusion with other block producers, ensuring that any partnerships are communicated transparently to the community, fostering an environment of fairness.
Wombat Guild is 100% owned by Spielworks GmbH.

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